Step #1

Option #1: Via Shopify App Store

Find our app on the App Store here, click "Add App" and follow the on screen instructions.

Option #2: Via this Website

Click here to install the app directly from our website.

Step #2

How to add the snippet to your shop’s code

After installing the app a new snippet will be created inside your theme template. To show the form you need to include the snippet in your template files where you want it to display:

  1. Edit the code in your Shopify admin. Go to your Shopify Admin > Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code.

  2. Copy the following snippet.

    {% include 'usa-simple-sign-up' %}
  3. Paste the snippet wherever you want the form to display.

  4. Save the changes.

Step #3

Setup the app

  1. Your form will only show once you've entered the credentials for your chosen marketing service. You can do that in the app settings.

  2. By default the app is disabled when installed, you need to enable Simple Sign Up in the settings to show your form.

You can disable/enable the app whenever you want without having to uninstall the app.